by musing

I’ve been noticing definite themes emerging in visual art. These spill out into adverts and design. Have you seen pictures of people with animal heads? Antlers seem to be a favourite!     I’m not sure what this means (if anything) but I’d like to think there’s some deep, group psychology  going on here.

I’ve started a list of visual Types. Please tell me of others you see 🙂

Old Portraits (intervened)

Often 17th-19th century, formally posed paintings or photos with fucked-up faces or heads. Superimposing the contemporary on the old is popular, e.g. pixel faces, sexual innuendo, colourful pattern. This theme ranges from crude and often humorous collage to masterful digital/paint brushwork.

Sci-Fi Land

Geometric shapes/abstract patterns hovering in real landscapes

Alt Material

Amazingly crafted figurative sculpture using unexpected materials like network cables, paper, matchsticks etc.


Disintegrating human figures, in a process of transformation. Usually paint, both traditional and digital. Composition often refers to classic paintings. Sometimes there is a direct psychological interpretation, other times just surreally funny animated GIFs.