Abstract Painting – Anodyne Art for Offices

by musing

There’s nothing wrong with abstract painting but there is a reason why it’s the permanent vanilla choice of foyers the world over.


It doesn’t shock, it can fit colour schemes, it bestows the minimum requisite culture tick box of business and it’s easy to produce.


With more artists painting figurative pictures, the odd proportions and naive styling that comes with inexperience is noticeable, Frankly, realism is more difficult.


Illustrators who’ve been drawing for years are way ahead of their fine art cousins. This is probably something to do with the fact that drawing hasn’t been taught in art colleges for decades. I’m told this is starting to change, but until practical skill acquisition is taken seriously we’re likely to continue seeing figures that look a bit off.    Having said that, naive pictures can have an expressiveness and engaging quality that more accomplished ones often don’t. I think the rise in popularity of Outsider Art bears this out. Perhaps abstract art is more lucrative and easier on the eye, but it ain’t ever gonna be the soul food that representational art is.